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Kroc Center Scholarship -  Membership Financial Assistance

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is pleased to partner with Refreshment Services Pepsi to provide this scholarship program helping provide access to The Kroc Center. It was Joan Kroc’s vision and expectation that all individuals have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents.



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How to Apply for a Kroc Center Scholarship

  1. Fill out the application & guidelines. Pick one up from the Welcome Desk or download one the application.
  2. Complete your scholarship application. Attach all household income verification documents to your completed application.
  3. Submit your application. Completed applications, with copies of your household income documents, may be submitted to the Welcome Desk.




In 2014 The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Quincy, IL established the Jo Kirlin Benevolent (JKB) Scholarship to recognize Mrs. Kirlin for the tremendous time and effort she has invested over the years to our organization.


She has served our organization in many capacities, including Chair of The Salvation Army Advisory Board, sitting on various committees, and involved in the planning, construction, and the opening of The Kroc Center. Mrs. Kirlin is very active in various aspects of our organization, and daily emulates the traits we all should strive to mirror in our walk with God. Therefore, this JKB Scholarship is "To be awarded one time annually to a family or individual who consistently exhibits the characteristics of compassion, grace, and humility that Mrs. Jo Kirlin displays in her leadership and guidance to this great organization."

The Jo Kirlin Benevolent Scholarship Details

The formation of this fund shall work in association with the current Refreshment Services Pepsi scholarship fund. The RS Pepsi Fund will be used to cover the traditional amount of the scholarship (up to 75%) – however, the amount the recipient is required to pay shall be underwritten by the funds donated to the Jo Kirlin Benevolent Scholarship fund. Therefore, the recipient will NOT be required to pay any portion of the membership fee for the year in which the JKB Scholarship is awarded. However, any program or service fees will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient which are beyond the traditional membership cost.


• An application form must be filled out and submitted along with two letters of reference prior to the deadline date to be considered. An individual or a family can apply or be nominated by another person. JKB Scholarship applications are available on the Kroc Center website.

• A true financial need must be demonstrated on behalf of or by the nominee.

• JKB Scholarship information will be posted on the Quincy Kroc Center social media sites at least 30-days in advance of the deadline.

• Only one recipient (family or individual) will be chosen each year due to limited funding.

• The awarded membership shall be at the Silver Membership Level.

• The membership will be active from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

• Previous year recipients may reapply for consideration.

• A committee (Operations Director, Senior Kroc Officer, Membership Services Manager, and Mrs. Kirlin (or her designee)) will determine the JKB Scholarship recipient each year.

• The JKB Scholarship winner will be notified via phone by or before December 24th.

• If the JKB Scholarship winner is a current Kroc Center member, their membership will be extended by one year from their current end date. No reimbursements or refunds will be made to the recipient, and the scholarship is non-transferable.

• The JKB Scholarship winner cannot exchange or transfer the membership or the scholarship for cash or other funds. If they choose not to claim or accept the scholarship within 60 days, they forfeit their right to the scholarship and another recipient may be chosen by the committee.

• The Quincy Kroc Center and the JKB Scholarship Committee reserve the right to make changes to the Scholarship Program at their sole discretion with no advance notice.

• The JKB Scholarship recipients must adhere to all TSA Kroc Center policies and procedures; failing to do so could result in revocation of the scholarship and membership.

A vision becomes reality

It was Joan Kroc’s vision to provide all individuals with equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts & talents. The Refreshment Services Pepsi Kroc Scholarship Program helps provide access to memberships for those who might not be able to afford them. Additionally, the program is funded by donations and community efforts throughout the year. Scholarships are available in amounts of 25%, 50% and 75%. No full scholarships are awarded.

We STILL need your help!

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